CrossFit WOD Tuesday June 13th, 2017


CFR Hampstead, CFR ILM, CFR Leland – CrossFit

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#TBT to last weekends #crossfitregionalsatlanta ?? We had so much fun supporting our team and fellow crossfitters #takemeback #rewind #crossfitcommunity #cfrstrong #cfreignited #easyday


10 min steady effort

1:00 Bike/Row/Run/SKi

20 Air Squats

1:00 Bike/Row/Run/Ski (faster)

20 Walking Lunges

1:00 Bike/Row/Run/Ski (faster)

* choose to Bike/Row/Run/Ski but stay with whichever you pick the entire 10 min

Skill Practice

10 min Mobility Specifc for the Back Squat lead by Coach

No longer the 90 sec per side or area!! Think dynamic.

A: Back Squat

A. Back Squat

3 on the 2nd min for 10 min

* Build to tough triple but no necessarily a 3RM

B: 2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row
* This is a great benchmark so take this seriously. I would encourage to row in negative splits.

Example: If you want to row a 8:00 2K, Start our rowing your first 500m at a 2-second slower pace than your average needs to be. Every 500m Drop a second. 2:02/500m Pace for the first 500m, 2:01/500m Pace for the second 500m, 2:00/500m Pace for the third 500m, and then you slowly pick up the pace on the last 500m and finish with 100% effort.

* Coaches be sure to get times recorded

* Stagger groups and CHEER everyone on!

Post Workout Cool down & Mobility 20 min

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