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The Importance of Not Cherry-Picking Workouts

         Cherry-pick: to selectively choose from what is available. This term is becoming more and more prominent in CrossFit and for affiliates across the globe. Members are “selectively choosing” which days they WANT to come in and perform the workout of the day, based on the programming and their liking for such. Making such a decision often neglects what they NEED to come in and work on. CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Note the term “varied.” This article should help explain why the terms cherry-picking and CrossFit should never mix.

First, you pay for programming and coaching. In its most pure form, as noted above, CrossFit programming is based around variance. “Constantly varied” is a solid theology, but “random” is a dangerous and ineffective one. When you cherry-pick a workout, you are engaging in random and only subverting your progress.  In most cases, an individual will never repeat the same workout twice. Of course this excludes tester workouts such as baseline WODs / “the girl workouts” and things of that nature. When it comes down to it, a proficient programmer for an affiliate will never have its members perform the same workout twice. In addition, strength work and Olympic lifting are varied down to the number of sets, reps, and rest periods. More specifically, this includes things such as tempo, band resistance, band assistance, concentric or eccentric only, etc. The beauty of CrossFit, along with other things, is found in its programming and the excitement of covering all domains of fitness. Take note of that, and then ask yourself why you “selectively choose” which days you are going to come in and which days you are going to stay at home. Take advantage of the programming that you pay for and allow your coach to do their job. Your coaches are certified and should excel at teaching proper movement for what you define as a weakness and would rather not work on. Make them do their job and allow them to use their knowledge to help you. This leads to the next point.

The only way to ever get better at your weaknesses is to work on them. CrossFit includes all domains of fitness, so allow it to do the same for you. Why only get better at the things you like to do, when you have the brightest window of opportunity to get better at EVERYTHING? Yes, you can continue to excel at the things you enjoy, but getting out of your comfort zone, expanding your horizons, and pursuing excellence in exercises you never thought possible are what CrossFit is all about. However, cherry-picking will limit you from such. Mark Twain once said, “Do something every day that you don’t want to do. This is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain.” Allow that one thing each day to be an exercise or workout that you don’t want to do. This includes an array of options. Many of us neglect movement / flow / imbalance work because it is “boring.” It may be boring, but it is necessary. Know that it is programmed for a reason, which overall is to help you become a better athlete, and embrace the process. Another option is skill work. These include mainly gymnastics, which require a lot of time and attention to excel at due to the technical movement proficiency that is required; gymnastics are hard. At the end of the day, this will only make the process that much more fulfilling when you realize that you have gotten better at, or achieved a personal goal revolving around such a skill. Taking the time to work on your weaknesses and domains that you don’t like will eventually lead to strengthening such and being excited when you see them in the day’s programming. At this point, you will have no desire to cherry-pick anymore.

I encourage you, the next time you see a workout inclusive of something you would rather not do, you want to skip and opt for something else, challenge yourself and know that you are getting better by investing your time in a domain that has a significant amount of potential for growth. Make the most of your membership and take full advantage of the programming, your coaches, and the entirety of what your affiliate entails. If you have questions, ask your coach; it is their job to help you. Fitness is not being good at one thing, it’s being good at everything. The easiest way to rid yourself of a cherry-picking habit is to not look at the workout of the day, just show up and commit to getting better. Cherry-picking workouts inhibits you from becoming the athlete you could be. In summary, don’t cherry-pick, just CrossFit.

-Reignited Coaching Staff

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