CrossFit WOD Sunday October 8th, 2017


CFR Cape Fear, CFR Hampstead, CFR Leland, CFR Wilmington – CrossFit

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You do not want to miss this opportunity to learn about macros from @therippedbarbie !! We are stoked to have her at our Hampstead location on October 19th at 6pm. See you there! #macros #nutrition #crossfit #cfreignited


10 min continous effort

1:00 Bike/Row

15 Air Squats

1:00 Bike/Row

15 Shoulder Rolls (PVC)

1:00 Bike/ Row

15 Goodmornings (PVC)

1:00 Bike/Row

5 Side Lunges

1:00 Bike/Row

10 Leg Swings

A: Front Squat

A. Front Squat; (20 min total clock)

min 0-10

warming up to starting load

min 10-20

5 reps on the 3rd min for 3 sets @70% 1rm + 10# added to this

B: Metcon (No Measure)

B. 10 Minute EMOM

20 Wall Balls (20/14#; 10/9′)

* cut the reps at 40 sec each set to NOT turn this into a AMRAP if unable to finish within the time frame

Post Workout Cool down & Mobility 20 min

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