November – Rebecca

 In leland - athlete showcase

Why do you CrossFit?

I wanted to start working out again more consistently when we moved to Leland so I tried CrossFit and loved it. I love the community and friends that I have made. It’s fun to go through the workouts together!


What do you do for a living?

I am a high school teacher. I teach Honors and AP Chemistry. I love it!


When you are not in the gym, what is your favorite thing to do?

I love going to the beach, spending time with my family and with my small group at church.


Name one thing most people don’t know about you.

I play the piano.


What is your favorite CrossFit workout?

I don’t really have a favorite workout.. but I do love clean and jerks.


What is your favorite cheat meal?

I love sweets so chocolate chip cookies or brownies are my favorite treat.


What is your next fitness goal?

Strict pull ups and handstand walks


If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

No idea..


If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all that you know, what would you teach them?

I’d share my knowledge of chemistry and hope that they love it, too.

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