CrossFit WOD Monday Jan 8th, 2018



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Jan 6th Weightlifting Clinic with James Tatum
Jan 28th CrossFit Kettle-bell Speciality Course


CFR Cape Fear, CFR Hampstead, CFR Leland, CFR Wilmington – CrossFit

Awesome weightlifting clinic Saturday with @jamestatumusa @cfreignited !! All athletes left with more knowledge and confidence in their lifts. Looking forward to seeing alot of PRs in the near future. #reignitedcountry #easyday #reignitedstrong

WU: Reignited Warm Up (No Measure)

A. General Warm Up (Bike, Ski Erg, Row, Run)

B. Dynamic Joint (Movement Prep)

C. Energy System Warm Up (Aerobic/Anaerobic)

D. Specific Movement Warm Up

Skill Practice

Coaches Skill Prep:

Clean (5 reps of each, two times through the complex with barbell)

Clean-Grip RDL

Clean Pull from Below Knee

Front Squat

Hang Power Clean + Push Press

Clean from Below Knee + Jerk


2-3 warm up sets of today’s complex lead by Coach

A: Clean and Jerk

A. Clean x1 + Front Squat x2 + Jerk x1

Every 3 minutes for 12 min (4 sets)

* working sets at 70-82% 1rm

B: CrossFit Games Open 15.1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

9-Minute AMRAP of:

15 Toes To Bar

10 Deadlifts, 115# / 75#

5 Snatches, 115# / 75#

15 Hanging Knee Raises

10 Deadlifts (85/55#)

5 Ground to overhead (85/55#)

C: CrossFit Games Open 15.1A (Weight)

6-Minutes to Establish:

1-RM Clean and Jerk

Post Workout Cool down & Mobility 20 min

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