CrossFit WOD Tuesday Jan 9th, 2018



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Jan 6th Weightlifting Clinic with James Tatum
Jan 28th CrossFit Kettle-bell Speciality Course


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Coach Eric perfecting his Olympic lifts this past weekend at the Tatum Olympic Weightlifting Clinic

WU: Reignited Warm Up (No Measure)

A. General Warm Up (Bike, Ski Erg, Row, Run)

B. Dynamic Joint (Movement Prep)

C. Energy System Warm Up (Aerobic/Anaerobic)

D. Specific Movement Warm Up

Skill Practice

Coaches Skill Prep

Snatch with empty Barbell

(5 reps of each, two times through the complex)

Snatch-Grip RDL

Snatch Pull from Below Knee


Overhead Squat

Snatch Push Press

Snatch Balance (fast to receiving)

Hang Power Snatch

Snatch from Below Knee

* 2-3 working sets towards start weight for Snatch & Hip Snatch

A-B: Snatch

15 min ongoing clock

A. Squat Snatch x1 + Hip Snatch x1; x2

2 complexes on the 2nd min for 10 min (5 sets)

* 65%-75% 1rm

(Perform a snatch, then lower the bar to your hip, set up, and perform a snatch from the hip. Repeat this for 2 reps)

Immediately following Snatch/Hip Snatch

B. Squat Snatch

EMOM on the min for 5 min (5 sets)

* 75-82% 1rm

C: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

C. 9 min EMOM for max reps


min 1 – 25 sec Box Jump Overs (24/20″)

min 2 – 25 sec Alternating DB Squat Snatch (80/50#)

min 3 – 25 sec Strict Push Ups


min 1 – 25 sec Box Jump Overs (24/20″)

min 2 – 25 sec Alternating DB Squat Snatch (50/35#)

min 3 – 25 sec Strict Push Ups


min 1 – 25 sec Burpee onto 45# bumper plate

min 2 – 25 sec Band Assisted DB Single Arm Overhead Squat; (alternate arms per set)

min 3 – 25 sec HR Push Ups

* Video Demo (Note band set up not the DB placement):

* If needed L1 scale the DB Overhead squat to double DB front squats

* score = total reps

Post Workout Cool down & Mobility 20 min

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