The Camaraderie of the Open and Why YOU Should Participate

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So what is this “Open” that everyone speaks of? The Open started in 2013 and is an opportunity not only for competitive CrossFit athletes, but for every member of a CrossFit affiliate worldwide looking to display their fitness. In addition, it is an opportunity for those who participated in the Open the year prior to measure their improvement across a one year time span. This year, it begins on Thursday, February 22nd in which the first live announcement will be broadcasted. Following this announcement, athletes will have until Monday evening to submit their scores for the first time. This will carry on for the remaining four weeks, for a total of five weeks, and thus five workouts.

There are a few important reasons as to why YOU should register for the Open. For starters, the camaraderie that it creates between individuals pushing their limits and going through the same workout as you. Each week you will be spending time with people creating an atmosphere of intensity beyond belief to push each other to and through the limits you thought you once had. This includes observing and cheering on members of heats performing the workout both before and after you; sticking around after you’re done to provide motivation and support to those who are still working on completing the workout. This is something we should be doing and strive to do every day at Reignited Fitness, but when the Open comes around all of the hype is drastically escalated.

Another reason YOU should register for the Open is the result of the prior noted aspect of camaraderie, which is community. The Open is a time to not only support the usual athletes that you train and do class with, but to meet new people from all of our locations. Friday Night Lights is the highlight of the Open for Reignited Fitness and there is no better place to become acclimated with the rest of your Reignited family. The Open is not simply just five workouts; it is an event, a community affair, and a celebration of the fitness we have all worked so hard to possess.

Lastly, along with the aspects of camaraderie and community that the Open creates, is our opportunity to prove it. At Reignited Fitness we have close to 1,000 members. Not many gyms can say that they have a four-digit number of members. The east coast is ours for the taking and there is no better way to represent your gym than through the Open. Wouldn’t it be quite the accomplishment to have all of our members register, complete the five workouts, and put Reignited Fitness on the map!? We want you to express the passion that you have for this establishment that we all share. If you are hesitant with such and feel like you are on the edge of being involved with the Reignited Fitness community, good news, the Open is the perfect opportunity to grow this passion exponentially. Competitive or not, we encourage you to register and make the leap for being ALL IN for the 2018 CrossFit Open! Be on the lookout for the next post concerning how to prepare for the Open!

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