Barbell WOD Wednesday May 16, 2018



East Coast Wars

June 16th
Male/Female comp (teams of 2)
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CFR Cape Fear, CFR Hampstead, CFR Leland, CFR Wilmington – Barbell CLUB


5×3 @70%, 90 sec rest btw

Clean Grip Sotts Press

@40% 1rm clean, 4×6

From the front rack – perform from seated bench position if mobility is extremely limited.

Clean Grip Deadlift

5×8 @ 85% of 1rm clean

Additional open gym accessory work

Metcon (No Measure)

Hip Stability
Hip Circle w/ Slingshot band, forward step, rear step, lateral, and squats x 5 min of work


Accumulate 10 min stretching: couch stretch, frog stretch, band distracted lunge stretch, etc.

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