Meet the Team

  • Nick Mazejka Owner | Head Coach
  • Drew Mazejka
    Drew Mazejka Owner | Head Coach
    • Tim Vanek
      Tim Vanek Asst. Mgr | Lead Coach
      • Maria Amodio
        Maria Amodio GM | Lead Coach
        • Tyler Gilliam
          Tyler Gilliam Lead Coach
          • Brian Coliver
            Brian Coliver Lead Coach
            • Jenn Rhoads
              Jenn Rhoads Secondary Coach
              • Andrew Patel
                Andrew Patel Secondary Coach
                • Clark Shay
                  Clark Shay Endurance Coach
                  • Kate McHugh
                    Kate McHugh Secondary Coach
                    • Kelly McGrath
                      Kelly McGrath Mobility Coach
                      • Anna Farmer
                        Anna Farmer Secondary Coach
                        • Clint Hobbs
                          Clint Hobbs Lead Coach
                          • Jason White
                            Jason White OLY Secondary Coach
                            • Christie Root
                              Christie Root Lead Coach
                              • Brian King
                                Brian King CF Kids Coach
                                • Calli Owens
                                  Calli Owens Front Desk | Child Care
                                  • Jordan Shaw
                                    Jordan Shaw Front Desk
                                    • Alyssa Schwinn
                                      Alyssa Schwinn Secondary Coach | Staff
                                      • Stephanie Geissler
                                        Stephanie Geissler Coach
                                        • Matt Ramsey
                                          Matt Ramsey Kickboxing Coach
                                          • Liz Stroup
                                            Liz Stroup Coach
                                            • Jessica Roach
                                              Jessica Roach
                                              • Haley Fulp
                                                Haley Fulp
                                                • Nicole Derham
                                                  Nicole Derham
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