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CrossFit as a corporation takes a lot of pride in their specialty being that they do not specialize. We like to refer to CrossFit as a “jack of all trades” in that it covers all dimensions of fitness. Here at Reignited Fitness we offer our athletes to excel at all of these dimensions via our CrossFit programming, but in addition are unique in the way that we give our members the opportunity to specialize in a program of their choice. All of these programs are led by certified coaches specializing in their specific domain, giving our athletes the best instruction possible to help them reach their goals. Notice how a majority of the programs offered below have their own individual “WOD.” This gives members the opportunity to focus on their specific needs as an athlete to help them excel at the sport of fitness. Those with aspirations to become better at CrossFit can supplement their “CrossFit” training with any of the programs below and witness first-hand the ways in which it transfers to the sport as a whole. However, a number of athletes stick to one of these dimensions and do a great job of excelling at the specialty of their choice.

Strength WOD

Classic powerlifting biased movements focused on getting athletes stronger. Exercises focused around squatting, pressing, and deadlifting plus additional accessory work each day. A program for athletes looking to compete in a powerlifting meet and / or to increase their overall general strength and the numbers that come along with such.

Endurance WOD

Conditioning biased programming focused on improving athletes’ aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Interval work is the foundation of this programming accompanied with a vast array of equipment and movements. The endurance WOD minimizes the use of barbells and maximizes the aspects of running, rowing, and biking. This gives athletes the opportunity for more variance in the ways in which they increase their overall cardiorespiratory endurance.

Olympic Weightlifting WOD        

This is a daily weightlifting program for the Olympic Weightlifter.  The athlete’s main focus and training priority should be Olympic weightlifting.  The program should be followed on a daily basis, and in entirety.  This is self-study, or for James Tatum’s distance coached athletes.  Goals should include regularly competing as a USAW lifter.  The design only will be Monday and Wednesday.  The class options will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  (Please view Wodify for times and workouts).

Foundations WOD

For those new to CrossFit and / or fitness in itself. Guided foundational movements led by a certified instructor to ensure that athletes are moving safely and efficiently before implementing intensity and moving onto the program of their choice. All of our athletes that have yet to experience CrossFit are put through this program not only for their safety, but to introduce them in an organic, welcoming manner as a new member to the Reignited Fitness community. We want to ensure that new members get the attention they deserve and the best experience possible.

Mobility WOD

         A program offered throughout the week to keep athletes recovering and feeling fresh. An hour of mobility focused around banded distraction, static, and / or dynamic stretching as well as myofascial release. Here at Reignited Fitness we take pride in keeping our athletes healthy and we find that offering a program specifically for mobilizing is the most efficient way to do such. Keeping our athletes mobile allows them to safely get into the positions they find themselves in each day whether it be at the gym or outside of the gym, without having to force such.

Individualized Programming
            A programming design offered specifically for you and based around your specific goals. This program is all about you, whether your goals are focused on CrossFit in itself, or any other domain of fitness. We will set you up with the most optimal coach to take care of you, assess you, get to know you, and have you on your way to success within the dimension of your choice. This program is most effective when combined with face-to-face personal training listed below.

Remote Programming

         When an athlete is miles away and can’t make it to Reignited Fitness itself, but still wants to work with one of our specialized instructors, this is the route to take. Individualized programming design specified for your specific goals and catered to you. Set up in an efficient manner so that communication and feedback are constant to make you feel like things are not so “remote.”

Personal Training

         One-on-one or small group personalized training focused around your goals. Personal training is a great way for athletes to focus specifically on their needs with an instructor who has the intellect to guide them in the right direction for such. Classes are limited to an hour time frame and the programming for such is not individualized. Combining personal training with individualized programming is the most effective manner to help an athlete reach THEIR goals and help them with the things they need to work on. This includes skills, progressions, and an overall greater level of attention to an individual.

Open Gym

         For athletes not looking for instruction, but ultimately looking to do their own thing. At Reignited Fitness we understand this. Open gym is a great time to utilize individual programming design and make use of all of the equipment we have available for you. Although you choose to do open gym, we still encourage and want you to be a part of the community just as much as members that take classes. We encourage interaction and are here to help. Open gym is offered for the majority of time throughout the day, however it is location specific so please check the website and / or Wodify for the schedule of your location.

CrossFit WOD

         Our staple. Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensities across broad time and modal domains. Once again, the specialty of the CrossFit program is that it does not specialize. If you want to get better at EVERYTHING fitness related, this is the program for you. However, with that being said, using any of the programs above as a supplement to your CrossFit programming will only transfer over into this program and make you that much better at the sport of fitness. For health competence (life) and / or health dominance (competition.)

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