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We offer two options getting started at CrossFit Reignited.

Are you completely new to CrossFit? – Go to our online store and search for our foundations membership and sign up to either location by viewing our online schedule, programs, location and class times.  These are outlined on the schedule.  After you have purchased your membership, we will give you a call for next steps!

Do you have CrossFit experience? – You may go directly to our online store and purchase your choice of memberships.  If you would like a contract option with discounted rate please contact directly  information.

When signing up for Foundations, you will prompted to sign an online waiver, at which point you’ll be able to sign up for classes. During Foundations you’re able to sign up for any Foundations, 30/30, Barre, Yoga, or Endurance Classes on our schedule

* All memberships have a 4 month commitment.  After this your membership will convert to month to month.  To request cancellation after the 4 months we require a written 30 day notice.

Thank you and congratulations on your first steps in a new fitness journey!

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