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If you’re still on the fence about CrossFit’s principles of functional fitness, we ask you to give it a try for one class.
Join us for a complimentary workout to experience CrossFit for yourself, the workout and the community.

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What to expect during your free trial:

When you arrive you will be greeted by our coaching staff and athlete community with open arms.

Next, you will take a tour of our facility to learn about what we offer and what the workout environment is like.

We will also talk about your previous fitness background, your personal goals and how our programming will help you reach your goals. So no matter where you are we promise you’ll get a great workout AND have fun.  You don’t have to “get fit first” before you try a class.

How the free trial class works:

The classes are group classes, so you workout with your fellow athletes. There will be coaches there to assist with guiding you through a warm-up, skill review, workout critique and motivation and a cool-down. The all-inclusive classes are done within an hour.

A free trial class is the best way to know what it’s like to workout with a coach and alongside your fellow athletes at CrossFit Reignited.

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