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    Kym Painter

    Kym is a mom of three. She asks that you don’t try to calculate her age based on her daughters’ ages as two of them are stepdaughters. Kym has been married for 6 years to her wonderful husband, Chris, who introduced her to the wonderful world of CrossFit. Kym recalls her first day, while on vacation, she did a WOD with running, burpees, and squats. She thought she would die from the workout and that she would never do it again. Five years later, Kym loves CrossFit and helping people that are new to it. When she has someone in her class that’s new and scared, those are her favorite classes! Kym loves when someone gets a new movement for the first time. She has her Level 1 certification and has worked at Regionals three times. She started as security and moved to judging. Kym has also worked the Games on the logistics team, which was an amazing experience but overwhelming as to what all went into the production. Kym works full-time as an IT Director for Fiserv, working with computers controlling software and infrastructure solutions and updates. When Kym isn’t doing CrossFit, she’s either on the boat or traveling around to her daughters or doing other activities.

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