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We are proud to partner with Reignited Fitness, a local affiliate in Wilmington, NC. They have all of the equipment, experience, and knowledge needed to help us succeed, and meet our health and fitness goals. Above are photos of one of our outdoor rigs at the Wilmington location, and some assault bikes and GHDs from the Leland, NC location. We are also growing our fitness community!
1. Make CrossFit more affordable for college students
We have the Best Student Rates in The USA at $50 / Month
2. Promote CrossFit, health, and nutrition
We understand that nutrition is about 90% of health
CrossFit is “The Sport of Fitness” and is growing rapidly worldwide
3. Compete against other universities who have CrossFit clubs
We are actively planning competitions/ socials in the near future (Probably with UNCC)
CrossFit is already on CBS and ESPN (The CrossFit Games). We believe that combining colleges, and CrossFit would make great entertainment and is needed on ESPN today.

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